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We serve slow food - where almost everything is made fresh, by hand, from scratch. Always with heart!

=== ❤️ GOOD TO KNOW:
  • Make sure you have the correct outlet (tap top right to change)
  • Your chosen time slot is the time we start preparing your order, not your order arrival time
  • We have 15-30 mins preparation time
  • Couriers have 30-60 mins delivery time
  • There may be rider delays during peak hours 
  • Kindly note that all orders are charged a platform fee of $0.50 + 8% of total order value
🛵 Delivery and Self-Pickup available.
💳 Payment by all major credit cards, GrabPay, and PayNow accepted.

Location for Self-Pickup:
📍 37 LOWLAND ROAD, KOVAN Singapore 547440
📱 Tel / WhatsApp: 8899 0160

🌱 Vegetarian-friendly (may contain dairy)
👍 Chef's Recommendation

We do not provide by default. Let us know if you need some.

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