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We serve slow food - where almost everything is made fresh, by hand, from scratch. Always with heart!

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Location for Self-Pickup:
📍 37 LOWLAND ROAD, KOVAN Singapore 547440
📱 Tel / WhatsApp: 8899 0160

🌱 Vegetarian-friendly (may contain dairy)
👍 Chef's Recommendation

We do not provide by default. Let us know if you need some.


Eat pasta move fasta

$14.90$13.41Spaghetti Tomatina 🌱

Tomato sauce, basil and other sekret herbs. A favourite with kids!


$14.90$13.41The Little Red Riding Hood 🌱

Freshly made pesto tossed with red pasta noodles, made with all-natural beetroot - no artificial colouring! Garnished with caramelised nuts, seeds, and wild rocket.


$16.90$15.21Peter Pan's Pesto Pasta 🌱

Freshly made pesto-tossed green pasta, sprinkled with toasted sunflower seeds. Made with all-natural ingredients - no artificial colouring! We highly recommend pairing it with smoked salmon (as pictured) - add on below 👇


$18.90$17.01Oh Dang Dang Spicy Pork Pasta 👍

Satisfying bowl of flavoursome minced pork on pasta, with a homemade chili dressing to give you that kick you needed! Inspired by 'dandan noodles', with a signature TGS twist.


$20.90$18.81Seafood Marinara

Fresh clams, juicy shrimp, white fish, capsicum and onions in a rich marinara sauce.


$18.90$17.01Chicken Laksa Pasta

Creamy laksa sauce, topped bean curd sheets and dry-roasted shrimps for extra crunch!


$18.90$17.01Classic Creamy Carbonara

A classic favourite. We make ours with bacon, grilled ham, sautéed mushrooms, egg, and a dash of cream.


$18.90$17.01TGS Tom Yum Pasta Vongole 👍

Signature steamed clams in a winey, briney broth of lime leaves, lemongrass, cili padi and ginger. Must try!


$14.90$13.41Spicy Aglio Olio with 'Shrooms 🌱👍

Classic aglio olio con funghi tossed with lots of mushrooms and garlic.

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